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Paradigm Signature S6

Paradigm Signature S6 review by Choice Audio:

In our opinion the Paradigm Signature S6 and Paradigm Signature S8 are by far the best speakers in the Paradigm line.  Excellent for music and amazing for movies.  Compared to the Studio line, they are a significant jump up in sound quality and worth the extra expenditure.

The S6 is the little brother to the S8.  Designed with the same leading-edge technology and engineering excellence as the S8, the S6 features a beryllium dome tweeter, a cobalt-infused midrange, and two 7″, mineral-filled bass drivers.

We have hooked the S6s up to a wide variety of components, both solid state and tube, and the S6s have stepped up to the plate, performing admirably no matter which components we used.  These speakers have a warm, rich sound.  Highs are clear and transparent. The soundstage is wide with a wonderful separation of instruments.  All in all, a nicely balanced speaker with clean performance in all ranges.  The bass response could benefit from a little more punch, and the S6s performed better when paired with a subwoofer.  The S6s do reveal compression and distortion in those less than perfect recordings, so be forewarned.  Positioning the S6s to get the best performance took a little time and patience, but the results were impressive.  If you are looking for the best that Paradigm has to offer, this speaker is worth an audition.

Availability:  Now

Product Type:
4 driver, 3-way floor-standing speaker

High-Frequency Driver:
25-mm (1 in) P-Be™ dome; ferro-fluid damped / cooled; rear damping chamber with ARB™ fins and integrated heatsink; dual super-neodymium ring magnets; die-cast heatsink chassis; IMS/SHOCK-MOUNT™

Midrange Driver:
178-mm (7 in) Co-PAL™ cone; ferro-fluid damped / cooled; ATC™ chambers; 38-mm (1-1/2 in) dual-layer voice coil; dual super-neodymium ring magnets; AVS™ die-cast heatsink chassis; IMS/SHOCK-MOUNT™

Bass Drivers:
Two 178-mm (7 in) mineral-filled polypropylene cones; overmolded NLC™ surrounds; 38-mm (1-1/2 in) four-layer bi-filar long-excursion voice coils; massive hard ferrite magnets; AVS™ die-cast heatsink chassis; IMS/SHOCK-MOUNT™

Frequency Extension: 26 Hz (DIN)

Frequency Response:
On-Axis:  ±2 dB from 45 Hz – 45 kHz
30º Off-Axis:  ±2 dB from 45 Hz – 20 kHz

Room / Anechoic:  91 dB / 88 dB

Suitable Amplifier Power Range:
15 – 400 watts

Maximum Input Power:  200 watts

Impedance:  Compatible with 8 ohms

Dimensions:  Height, Width, Depth
43-3/4 in x 8-1/4 in x 13-1/2 in

Weight: (unpacked) 70 lbs each

Paradigm S6 Speakers

Paradigm S6 vs Martin Logan?  Give us a call to talk.  If you are a looking for a Paradigm dealer in Minnesota, give Choice Audio a call and set up an appointment with one of our stereo system consultants.

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