Opera Seconda

The Opera Seconda speakers are the sweet spot in Opera’s Classica line. Made in Italy, Opera speakers are the ultimate in Italian design and style. Sleek and fashionable looking, the Secondas come in a number of finishes, including piano white, piano black, mahogany and cherry. These speakers are not of a light weight construction. Featuring a sealed box construction with internal bracing, the Secondas weigh 100 lbs. each.

The Seconda features a 1″ dome ScanSpeak tweeter, and two 7″ ScanSpeak aluminum cone woofers, custom designed for Opera’s Classica line. The 7″ woofer has excellent performance in the midrange, and is actually used as a midrange speaker in the more expensive Quinta model.

We first heard the Opera Seconda speakers at Rocky Mt. Audio Fest and we were most impressed, eventually leading to Choice Audio becoming an Opera dealer.

Musical and natural sounding with a precise soundstage, the Secondas feature a quick bass response. There is no sign of distortion at increased volume levels and the Secondas can reproduce softer and louder tracks with equal aplomb. Our overall impression of these speakers is they are well balanced and engaging with great accuracy.

Considering the excellent overall sound quality, the Opera Secondas are certainly deserving of more attention. This is a speaker that we feel is at a very reasonable price point compared to the performance. It stacks up favorably against speakers many times the price.


System:  Floor-standing column, closed box

2 x 7” woofer  –  Alu cone
1 x 1” Scanspeak  Tweeter  D26, Silk, decompressed, Magnetic fluid.

Frequency Response:  30-30000 Hz

Woofer: 12 dB low pass
Tweeter : 12 dB high pass

Crossover Frequency:  2200 Hz approx

Power:  140 watt RMS

Sensitivity:  89 dB/2.83Vrms/1 meter

Nominal Impedance:  4 ohm (minimo > 3.2)


Height:  40″

Width:  9.5″

Depth:  17″

Weight:  100 lbs

Finishes:  Piano white, piano black, mahogany and cherry

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