Opera Mezza

The Opera Mezza speakers are made with great attention to detail in Opera’s Italian factory. This is evident in the classic Italian styling and fashionable design of the exterior. The impressive sound of the Mezzas indicates they can perform beautifully and are not just relying on good looks.

The Mezza is a solidly built, two-way speaker, featuring a 5” woofer/midrange and 1” dome tweeter with decompression chamber and ferrofluid  The tweeter is the same used in Opera’s higher priced models in the Classica line.

The Opera Mezza certainly holds its own against the popular KEF LS50, producing a slightly warmer, richer sound.  The sound clarity, coupled with an open and dynamic midrange, makes the Mezza a speaker we recommend auditioning.  In our setup, we found the Mezza performed best paired with a subwoofer, to give some needed bass punch.

We have tried the Mezzas in a number of different systems, using different amplifiers, and found the Mezzas don’t require a lot of fussy set up. They sounded exceptionally nice paired with our Unison Research tube amp, which is built by Opera’s sister company in Italy.

A perfect-sized small speaker, the Mezza is versatile enough to function as a bookshelf or stand speaker in small to medium-sized rooms. The Mezza would also work nicely as a second zone speaker situated in an office or den.  Priced very competitively at $1,495, the Mezza is a great addition to any system.

The Mezzas are sturdily built and come in four finishes: Piano white, piano black, mahogany and cherry.  We particularly like the cherry finish. Opera also carries a speaker stand which custom fits the Mezzas.


2-way Loudspeaker:  1×5” Woofer (Seas) double-treated cone; 1×1” dome Tweeter (Scanspeak), ferrofluid, decompression chamber

System:  Stand or shelf, with back firing duct

Frequency Response:  40-25,000 Hz

Maximum Power:  70 watts RMS

Sensitivity:  88 dB

Impedance:   4 ohms (Z min > 4 ohm)


Width:   7.9″

Height:  12.6″

Depth:  12.8″

Weight:  16 lbs each

Finishes:  Piano White, Piano Black, Cherry, Mahogany

Accessories:  Opera Mezza Speaker Stands