MSB Universal Media Transport with Signature Power Base

MSB Universal Media Transport

The MSB Universal Media Transport is based on the Oppo BDP103. The drive and video card are those of a BDP103, but there the similarity ends. All audio components are MSB designed and completely isolated and shielded to avoid any noise contamination.

When the Universal Media Transport is connected to a MSB DAC via the I2S cable, the transport uses the master clock from the DAC to ensure that all clocking of audio is controlled by the DAC’s Femto clock. This avoids noisy ground connections and ensures extremely low jitter. Compared with any standard technology SACD, high res music or computer-based system, the Universal Media Transport produces remarkably better sound.

The Universal Media Transport can read an amazing range of media sources in any format, including CD, SACD, DVD Audio, Blu-Ray, CD, HRx, HDCD and DSD.  In addition, it has the ability to play from a USB device, a hard drive. or through network streaming from a computer, phone, or Android or Apple device.

The MSB Universal Media Transport requires an outboard power supply, which is sold separately. This ensures the noise of AC power and its conversions are away from the clocks and timing of the transport.  Customers can choose between a desktop power supply or the ultra thin Signature Power Base (pictured above in the photo).


Audio Outputs:  Coaxial, Toslink, Balanced AES/EBU and MSB Network (32 bit)

RCA Outputs:  3.6V RMS (10V pp)

Balanced Outputs:  7.5V RMS (20V pp)

Sampling Frequency:  Up to 192 kHz

Output Jitter:  2 psec

Surround Outputs:  Coaxial and Toslink for connection to a surround processor

Video Outputs:  Two HDMI v1.4a up to 1080p, Coaxial, Composite and component analog video (1 Vpp)
3D and Deep Color modes supported

Control Features:  Back-lit Remote

Power Supply Options:

  • Desktop Supply
  • Use with DAC IV Power Base
  • Signature Power Base

17.5″ wide
12.5″ deep
2.5″ tall each (including feet)

Weight:  43 lbs. with Power Base