MSB Analog DAC with Signature Power Base

MSB Analog DAC

At Choice Audio we feel this is the most amazing sounding DAC we have ever heard. The detail that is revealed, even listening to Redbook CDs, is simply astounding. The sound is engaging and dynamic. You won’t regret giving the MSB Analog DAC an audition. Bring your own digital music in any format and we guarantee you will be impressed.

The MSB Analog DAC was so named because it sounds like an analog component, without the harsh and grainy sound often associated with digital sources. MSB has created this remarkable sounding digital DAC by using a Sign Magnitude Ladder construction, and by dramatically reducing jitter with a custom-designed Femto clock.  MSB uses the highest precision resistors available today in their DACs. Everything about the MSB Analog DAC is unique, top to bottom.

One of the reasons the MSB Analog DAC achieves amazing sound reproduction, is the use of a MSB custom-designed Femto clock. In the world of digital reproduction, jitter creates small errors in reproduction of the sound, which we hear as distortion or noise. To address this problem, MSB built a low jitter clock. With jitter measurements dramatically lower than any clock ever applied to audio, MSB has created a startling improvement in audio quality.

The Analog DAC is sold with plug-in modules, allowing a customer to select those modules which best fit his personal use. The advantage of using modules is that, as technology changes, upgrades are possible by simply replacing the module, rather than having to purchase an entirely new piece of equipment. All MSB units are firmware upgradeable by simply running an audio file. Each MSB DAC is custom built to order right here in the USA.

The power supply for the Analog DAC is sold as a separate unit. To reduce noise, MSB keeps the power supply separate from the other DAC components. There are innumerable options you can select for your MSB Analog DAC including six different modules, a stepped volume control, three styles of remote, and a choice of different power supply sources. Each MSB unit is built to the individual customer’s specifications.


Sign Magnitude Ladder DAC Specifications

Inputs: Three Input Slots – Choice of: Coaxial, Toslink, balanced AES/EBU, MSB Network PROI2S and USB2, Quad Rate DSD USB2, Audio Renderer

RCA Outputs: 2.62 V RMS (7 Vpp)

RCA Output Impedance: 53 ohms without volume controls, 38 ohms with volume controls

Balanced Output: 2.62 V RMS (7 Vpp)

Balanced Output Impedance: 106 ohms without volume controls, 76 ohms with volume controls

Volume Control (optional): 1 dB stepped attenuator (78 steps)

Sampling Frequency: 32 kHz to 384kHz

Bit Depth: 32 bit DSD: 64x and 128x


Width:  17.5″

Height:  1″

Depth:  13″

Colors:  Silver or Black

Analog DAC Module