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Transparent Audio Cables

Transparent cables are far and away the best cable products we have used in our various demo systems. They work particularly well with our Magico speakers and Plinius amplifiers. A surprising improvement can be made to a system by upgrading cables. We have upgraded our Magico S5’s to Transparent’s Reference cables.

Hook up these cables and an immediate improvement in the bass will be readily apparent. Using a full set of Transparent cables, the audio improvements are in line with a major component upgrade in your system. While we saw the largest improvement in hooking up the Transparent speaker cables, in our experience having the Transparent interconnects and speaker cables throughout gave the best improvement in audio performance. Individual instruments can be heard separately and uniquely and sense of space appears around each note. We also noticed a great improvement in detail and tone using Transparent cables.

The Plus line is the entry level in the Transparent cable line up. We have the Ultra and the Reference available for demonstration. We saw a significant improvement upgrading from the Ultra to the Reference cable line in our demonstration systems. A full description of the Transparent cable line up can be found here:

Transparent has an upgrade program. Should a purchaser buy better equipment and wish to upgrade the cables, Transparent offers a price break on the upgrade to reward their loyal customers. We encourage you to audition this impressive line of audio cables.