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Well Tempered Lab Turntables

Well Tempered Lab Review by Choice Audio

Audiophiles take note: If you are looking to spend $5,000- $15,000 on a turntable and cartridge combination, you really should place Well Tempered Lab at the top of your audition list.

Well Tempered Lab turntables are considered by many to be the best price for the performance of any tables on the market.  This incredible performance is achieved by thinking out of the box to find solutions to the major problems in turntable design.  Here are some areas where WTL’s innovative design has broken new ground:

Controlling The Mechanical Resonances of the Tone-Arm:

The WTL tonearm does not have a bearing in the normal sense. Many tonearms use high quality expensive ball bearings that have clearances in the low micron range.  The Amadeus bearing has zero clearance and damping for unrivaled performance.  The degree of damping is adjustable on this table.  A tonearm without proper damping will cause the cone of a subwoofer to pump markedly.

Controlling The Resonance of the Tonearm Tube:

After fifty prototypes of tonearms were tested, WTL settled on their tonearm design.  Perfect total effective mass mechanically damped to a Q of 0.5 to eliminate side-band distortion.  Creating a tonearm with a low effective mass and maintaining proper damping is not easy to do.  Many manufactures ignore this critical step.

Rotational Stability of the Spindle:

The WTL round spindle rotates in a triangle hole of Teflon.  If the spindle makes contact with a round bearing, the surface makes contact on only one point. By using a triangle hole, contact is made in two points resulting in zero clearance and a high degree of stability.

Bearing Noise:

The WTL tables use a Teflon thrust bearing.  The stainless steel spindle has precision point that rests in a small hole in the Teflon to achieve very low noise.

Platter, Drive Belt and Motor:

During their research, WTL measured hundreds of belts of various types, using flutter and wow as the criteria. None have the excellent characteristics of the Amadeus belt.  The Amadeus is a polyester filament and has a diameter of 0.004 inches. To use this belt requires a knot, and this may normally cause a problem.  WTL has overcome this problem with a motor pulley of a special design to accommodate the knot. In addition to being a superior belt, this material is widely available and easy to replace.  WTL tested the durability of this belt with a test of fifty days continuous operation with no effect.

Sonically these tables compete with tables at double and triple their cost.

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